Welcome to the International tickets ballot page. 

The club receives an allocation of Autumn International and Six Nation tickets each season. These are offered to all club members through a club ballot. These tickets are highly prized and only available for the use of club members. If tickets are found to be offered on auction sites or ticket re-sell sites these tickets will be cancelled without a refund and the member will be barred from applying in future ballots. The RFU have the power to stop the clubs allocation of tickets, if they feel we are not managing the distribution of tickets in-line with their terms and conditions.

Payment and collection details will be sent to the successful applicants.

Dates & Times


23/02/2020 England v Ireland     

Ko 15:00

 07/03/2020 England v Wales      

Ko 16:45


Ticket Price Bands




England v Wales 

£82 + Booking Fee

England v Ireland

£82 + Booking Fee



Ballot Entry
Closing Date for Applications
Friday 25th October, 17:00